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Status and Development of Paper Industry Analysis

Jul. 17, 2019

At present, China's packaging industry base has reached the international advanced level, and has been among the world's large, and the annual gross domestic product over the past five years the average growth rate is 20% per year. According to the national related aspects, according to data provided by the 2008 national (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) packing gross industrial output value reached 860 billion yuan, equivalent to more than $1260, packaging has become the world's second superpower. According to the momentum of development, by 2010 China's packaging industry output value completely sure exceeding RMB 1.2 trillion. China already leads the world in paper products production. Paper products has basically met the 500 million yuan domestic social total retail sales of consumer goods and $600 billion in exports of packaging requirements. 1 - December, 2008, the cumulative production of corrugated carton is about more than 1800, ten thousand tons, is 07 year growth of about 10%, the national paper products output was 31.58 million tons, corrugated carton production accounted for 57% of the whole paper products production, and has already become the main driving factors of paper products industry.

China's GDP growth since 1995, with an average annual 8% ~ 9%. Our packaging industrial output rose 18%; But our country paper output value reached 150 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of the entire packaging industry is 37.13%, paper in the packaging industry occupies a major position, the role of paper products in the national economy is more and more obvious, industry activities and people's life more and more dependent on paper packaging. 

Corrugated carton industry in China is rapid development, in recent years the average annual growth rate of 18% ~ 20%. Corrugated board production of 12.5 billion square meters in China in 2000, in 2008, our country corrugated board annual consumption of 33.6 billion square meters, with total output increase for four consecutive years 8.8 billion square meters, the annual increasing rate of 11.9%, much higher than the world average growth rate. Corrugated carton gross to $146 billion. In 2009 output of 36.7 billion square meters, accounting for 19.3% of the total world output. Accounted for 30% of output in Asia, the rapid growth of paper sales and sales in the United States and other parts of the world's shrinking form bright contrast.

According to the association of Asian corrugated board, China will become corrugated paperboard production and sales center of gravity and leaders in Asia, the rapid growth of the corrugated industry in China and Asia (Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other negative) contrast. In 2010, the Chinese may very well more than Europe and the United States, to become the world's largest producer of corrugated cardboard.

Is expected in 2005-2010, the global corrugated carton production of average annual growth rate will remain at about 4%, which, in the two large mature markets in North America and Western Europe, once a downturn of the market is expected to appear modest rebound, and central and eastern Europe markets, growth will slow. In most rapidly rise area, corrugated carton production, the average growth rate is about 9% in Asia, particularly China and Hong Kong SAR, India, and southeast Asia and other countries and regions will further accelerate the speed of growth speed. In 2010, global demand for corrugated carton market will increase 387 billion square feet, with 54% of the demand will come from China and India. According to industry experts predict that the carton board demand, is expected to 13.7 million tons in 2010, by 2015 to 2015 tons, up 27.7%; Demand for corrugated base paper, is expected to 13.2 million tons in 2010, 2015 to 2015 tons, an increase of 24.2%.

According to our country macro economic development and the development trend of paper industry, paper and paperboard is expected to demand in 2010 and 2015, with more than 2005, box board demand change as follows: 1022.92 - > 1368.9 - > 1368.9 (ten thousand tons); Corrugated base paper demand change as follows: 985.47 - > 1318.78 - > 1318.78 (ten thousand tons). In the next decade, corrugated packaging still have very big development space. At present, China's per capita annual consumption quantity of carton is 55 kg, is one 6 of the us, one 5 of the Japanese, European, a quarter of India's half. It is shows that China's economic development potential is huge demand for packaging carton. Paper consumption per capita has become an international measure of a country economic development on the crystal and an important symbol of social civilization degree.

In 2009 China's carton industry (including paper products) in developing some bright spots. Carton industry in their own strength to the central and western regions and underdeveloped regions investment in factories, to drive the industry development.

Carton industry in the developed areas in guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, fujian, shandong and so on, whether it is a surplus of tile line density and production and sales, sales value and tile line equipment account for nearly 60% of China's carton industry. The focus of the current development, should be in the central and western regions and underdeveloped regions, only rarely part of backward provinces tile line, emerged the tile line developed provinces and cities to help underdeveloped regions, such as zhejiang JingXing, fujian xing in the west of chongqing, chengdu, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia; Guangdong ya are, respectively, in wuhan, Beijing; Changzhou JiChun in tianjin new carton enterprise respectively. Especially in fujian xing packing at all over the country to establish new factory 14 cartons, they is characterized by large, investment is large, advanced equipment, a complete set of management system, and become corrugated packaging enterprises in our country, which stimulates the development of the carton.

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